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RDUnit - Converted Horse Truck

  • Winning bid: $4,030.00
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  • Closed: Sat 29 Apr 2017, 3:16 pm
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RDU98.5FM’s Mobile Broadcasting Facility - The RDUnit

Now up for sale to the highest bidder!

Beginning it’s life as a transporter for Horses in Northland, this classic box-body truck was brought south and converted into a mobile broadcasting facility post-quake 2011 to accomodate and service the community of RDU98.5FM while the city rebuilt.

Tens of thousands of dollars spent on fit-out.

No HT licence required to drive.

Decommissioned late 2015 - this inspirational music-dimensional transportation device, has been parked up at local legends Smash Palace and now needs to find a new home.

Does not currently have a COF - she does need some TLC but only in the box body. Can identify spots of concern for inquiries.

Dying to build that killer taco truck and smash out some chimmy changas this summer?

Practically built for purpose, standing room throughout, with front section for kitchen and rear perfect for prep and service. Sprung door requires some grease, but works as a ramp or stage depending on needs. Remove it completely and refit something to suit if you want.

Fitted with external power/cable connections on both sides, breakers to three sections including double 10amp points throughout. Even has UPS still installed - but can be removed quite easily if not needed.

Some internal audio cabling remains. Pair of external speaker mounts fitted on ramp side. Light fittings in front and back with switches and breaker.

Included also with brand new, custom made, super stylish, red white and blue canvas awning that covers the stage/ramp area comfortably. See pics.

Dads - got kids angling for a tree house? Axe off a couple of welds and this sweet box will slide right off onto your back property. Luton section sleeps one and back section could house many more.

Sell off the cab and chassis - as is or fit a flat deck and sell to make your money back.

or turn a profit… the diesel engine is practically just worn in with a odometer only reading around 150 thousand clicks.

Please read the questions and answers for this listing.

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  • Seller location: Christchurch City, Canterbury, NZ

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Closed: Sat 29 Apr, 3:16 pm. This auction used auto-extend.

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$4,030.00 29 Apr 2:08 pm l*********l (45 45 positive feedback)
$4,020.00 29 Apr 11:18 am i*******1 (30 30 positive feedback)
$4,010.00 23 Apr 11:03 pm n************o (0 )
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Questions and answers

Seller Comment: 1986 Mitsubishi Canter FC 3 TON Model: CANTER FC 3 TON Colour: White Plate: WQ4874 Engine No: 4G54FA2753 Chassis: FC212EZRY554902 Seats: 3 front seat, 2 extra seats CC rating: 2,555cc Fuel Type: Diesel Gross Vehicle Mass: 5,800kg Tare Weight: 2,970kg Axle Type: 2-Axle Wheelbase: 3,310 Front Axle Rating: 2,100 Rear Axle Rating: 3,800 Not reported stolen or of interest to the police No vehicle type securities registered on the PPSR - no money owing New Zealand new vehicle 3:19 pm, Sat 15 Apr
Hi mate does is run? When was the last oil change? joey22hamz (36 36 positive feedback) 9:03 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Hi - yes definitely runs. I had her moving last year for the RDU40th Exhibition - parked her outside the Canterbury Museum. And she started fine when we removed her in August. Since then i've turned her over a few times, but left it a bit long over the NY period so i've had the Batt charged and i'll turn her over next week and report back. No oil change, but she hasn't done a lot of KM since i've had her. Might be wet sump, but one oil change and i'm confident she'll run fine. 9:18 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Hi, can you supply the dimensions of the cargo area please. Thanks, Ian ian1947 (6 6 positive feedback) 10:13 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Hi Ian, the total length of the cargo area (including the luton) is 5.1m. the width is 2.1m throughout. the back section is 2.5m long, the front section is 1.7 long and the luton is 900. all give or take a few cm. cheers 8:23 pm, Wed 26 Apr
What software is the computer running? danhimself (274 274 positive feedback) 8:39 pm, Thu 20 Apr
no computer, no software - radio components of the internals has been extracted. it may have some cabling still wired in but certainly is NOT fitted to broadcast - and i'm not selling it to someone who intends using it for broadcasting. for obvious reasons 8:04 am, Fri 21 Apr
what are the measurements of the box chchmr (125 125 positive feedback) 11:43 am, Fri 21 Apr
Sorry we will post these dimensions early next week 11:45 am, Fri 21 Apr
Hi Which are the recent photo's and please photo or describe what will be needed for a COF...? t0yz4b0yz (647 647 positive feedback) 7:58 pm, Sun 23 Apr
Hi i will try and post some more recent photos before the auction ends. as stated in my description - there is rusted tubing in the rear of the box body, sufficient to fail a COF - it will require cutting out and replacement. Something i have been told isn't a major job, but that's for the new owner to resolve. the actual truck chassis and cab are unaffected - i shifted the box from a previous cab&chassis, so can confirm they are sound. 1:55 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Would you rent to buy; (i'm looking for a place to live.) dorz123 (33 33 positive feedback) 9:37 am, Tue 25 Apr
Hi - not renting sorry this truck is for sale only. thanks 1:51 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Hi Is the registration plates still live....The Reg # quoted in question 1 does not match the photo's. Has it been re-registered? t0yz4b0yz (647 647 positive feedback) 10:14 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Hi sorry our bad. the rego is not WQ4874. please enter plate number JX9384 into or and you will see the accurate truck details. Please disregard that first post. My wife entered those details in and didn't realise they were from another truck. Nothing dishonest, as mentioned in another post, we had to scrap the first one (WQ4874) and then moved the box body to the other chassis & cab (JX9384) before a re-COF. 10:32 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Hi is the Rego still live? t0yz4b0yz (647 647 positive feedback) 10:34 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Yes it is currently on hold. 10:37 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Oh and when did the COF expire? t0yz4b0yz (647 647 positive feedback) 10:38 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Last record we have is we obtained a COF in approx march 2014 which would have expired 12months after. cheers 10:42 pm, Tue 25 Apr
hi you say truck is at smash place which is in the north island can you please confirm as to where it is as i could view it if in north island i live not far from there imik (460 460 positive feedback) 7:35 am, Wed 26 Apr
Hi sorry, there is a smash palace in christchurch as well - a bar on high st. cheers 9:23 am, Wed 26 Apr
Sorry but due to unforseen circumstances I would not be in aposition to go through with a purchase of your truck listing. Please remove my bid of $4020. Thanks and sorry again, celluone. celluone (159 159 positive feedback) 1:58 pm, Wed 26 Apr
Seller Comment: Seller added 4 photos 3:37 pm, Thu 27 Apr
Seller Comment: Added 4 photos of the front section, showing Luton area with power points, opening front hatch/window and perspex dome, seating and folding table, power board and lights and wall section/division between front and back including window and door. 4 x UPS still remains installed under seating box unit. Will post pics of rear section tomorrow. cheers 3:43 pm, Thu 27 Apr
Seller Comment: Just remembered i installed a run of LED lighting along front of the Luton section AND underneath the front lip of the upper storage area fitted in the back. cheers 3:48 pm, Thu 27 Apr
Hi Can you take a picture of the bit that will need replacing to get a COF..? t0yz4b0yz (647 647 positive feedback) 6:00 pm, Thu 27 Apr
Pics supplied. Only in corners from what i could see, so less than i thought. Also i have posted a pic that shows the last section of the box engineered so that this area (approx last 30cm) can be lifted/accessed without lifting the entire floor. Presumably because this is not an uncommon issue - Horse Urine is pretty potent liquid it seems... cheers 6:24 pm, Fri 28 Apr
RUC's? euanclark (321 321 positive feedback) 11:57 pm, Thu 27 Apr
See pics supplied. The ODO is 270,622 so there is still 10,000+ Km on her. I'm not clear on how the ODO is below the minimum but i can only observe there may have been a mistake when the last owner purchased. I haven't added any in the time i have owned her, mostly because i travelled so few KM with her (only round chch central) And i will post a pic that confirms the MAX dist being 281229. So either way, there are plenty of KM still avail to use on this vehicle. 6:22 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Seller Comment: Seller added 11 photos 5:58 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Seller Comment: Photos added: 2 shots of rust in each rear corner. Less than i thought - it prob wont require the whole box being lifted IMO. but an engineer can decide. ODO incorrect it's over 270K but still a young diesel as far as they go. Manual and service records included. Tie down/lashings certificate. Photos of back section - including alloy steps. Closeup of very tail section shows the last 30cm can be serviced without bringing up entire floor. 6:16 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Seller Comment: Seller added 1 photo 6:26 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Seller Comment: Did a bit of a clean up for the last bunch of photos - a few amendments to whats on offer: External power only on one side, External data point connection on other (door side) side mirrors are not attached, but will be included for reattachment, no sheepskin seat covers... and no fluffy dice. Soz 6:31 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Seller Comment: have done the numbers on the RUC and there is approx $650 worth pre-paid FYI cheers 8:03 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Seller Comment: Seller added 7 photos 12:34 pm, Sat 29 Apr
Seller Comment: Final update: Batt charged and she started first turn.Topped up oil. Additional savings for buyer: Removable stereo head unit+3way CX-3030 speakers in door. Cert Towbar+Awning storage at rear. 4xUPS under seats, Storage+Ext speaker mounts. Luton Checked, Electrical Breakers in place. Ready to go. 12:42 pm, Sat 29 Apr
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