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1958 Liteweight Kiwi Retro Caravan Renovated

  • Winning bid: $18,652.00
  • Reserve met Reserve met 
  • Closed: Wed 22 Mar 2017, 8:08 pm
Listing #: 1277541858
On road costs:  Included
60 year old virgin up for grabs!!

Here we have a 1958 (or near about) Liteweight Kiwi Caravan for sale. It has been renovated throughout and is awaiting its new owner.

Exterior - what’s been done???
• The drawbar has been completely replaced, including new coupling and jockey wheel
• Entire chassis sand blasted, rust treated and resprayed
• New custom wheels and tires with whitewalls
• New lights fitted (including new wiring)
• Body taken back to bare aluminum, etch primed and resprayed
• All new window rubbers (including white caravan trim)
• New water tank and plumbing
• New locks fitted

Interior – what’s been done???
• Entirely brand new fitout throughout including all new ply and freshly painted
• Acacia Hardwood Benchtop, Sills & Breakfast Bar
• Sink restored and new hand pump tap installed
• New LED lights installed into original caravan light fittings
• New 100ah Battery
• New Waeco 14L Chiller/Warmer (runs on 12v and 240v)
• New battery charger (easy to use)
• Custom Vitex Hardwood Floor
• Custom made seat cushions and curtains
• New window stays throughout
• All new linen (this has never been slept in and will be included in sale)
• Wardrobe hangers installed
• New woven baskets

Please note everything in pictures has been purchased for the caravan and will be included in the sale. The cushions have never had a head rest on them, the blankets never slept under. Fridge has only been used to test that it is running.

This caravan is extremely rare and although has only been on the road once in this condition it turned heads the entire trip. Has been a fun project to work on and I am sure the lucky new owner will love taking it out on its first adventure in many many years!

Will come with brand new wof and 12 months registration. More pics to come as the weather has been very bad in Whangarei over the last few days. Once the sun is out photos will be updated.

Feel free to ask questions and viewings are welcome. Located in Whangarei. Happy bidding and good luck!

Please read the questions and answers for this auction.

Shipping details

  • To be arranged
  • Seller allows pick-ups
  • Seller location: Whangarei, Northland, NZ

Payment details

  • Credit card
  • NZ bank deposit
  • Cash

About the seller

  • 100% positive feedback
  • Member since Oct 2009
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Closed: Wed 22 Mar, 8:08 pm. This auction used auto-extend.

Bid history

The reserve price was: $1.00 the reserve price has been met

Amount Date Time Bidder
$18,652.00 22 Mar 8:06 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,602.00 22 Mar 8:05 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,552.00 22 Mar 8:05 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,551.00 22 Mar 8:05 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,501.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,451.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,401.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,351.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,301.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,251.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,201.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,151.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,101.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$18,051.00 22 Mar 8:04 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$18,001.00 22 Mar 8:03 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$17,951.00 22 Mar 8:03 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$17,901.00 22 Mar 8:03 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$17,851.00 22 Mar 8:03 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)
$17,801.00 22 Mar 8:03 pm b*****3 (94 94 positive feedback)
$17,751.00 22 Mar 8:03 pm p****9 (64 64 positive feedback)

Questions and answers

Seller Comment: Note: All new stabilisers installed (forgot to mention this) 10:04 pm, Wed 8 Mar
This is an absolutely beautiful caravan you have done an amazing job. Wonderful styling. I am in awe of your work. You should be proud. steve08 (477 477 positive feedback) 10:34 pm, Wed 8 Mar
Thank you for your kind words. A lot of hard work went into it. But it is exactly how we pictured it before starting on the big project! 10:37 pm, Wed 8 Mar
Seller Comment: Extra things not in above: There is a spare wheel under the bed behind the large basket. Also under the L shaped seating area is a large amount of storage (photos to show this will follow). 11:00 pm, Wed 8 Mar
does this av a oven an stovetop pasharn (19 19 positive feedback) 4:33 am, Thu 9 Mar
No sorry. We found looked around and found most people preferred to cook outside. There is a gas bottle holder on the draw bar to hold a 9kg bottle. Photo to come 6:45 am, Thu 9 Mar
What sort of price are you wanting for it? Would turn it into an art studio grasshoppa4 (20 20 positive feedback) 7:59 am, Thu 9 Mar
It's $1 reserve so highest bid gets it. Would look very cool as a studio on wheels! 8:07 am, Thu 9 Mar
Is this the same model of the ones they only made 12 of back in the day? If it is it belongs in a museum not a dollar reserve auction. What a shame. indecks (4 4 positive feedback) 10:03 am, Thu 9 Mar
Not sure on how many were built but they are very rare. And some things are meant to be enjoyed and be on the open road ;) 10:06 am, Thu 9 Mar
This is absolutely beautiful, well done! Do you mind if I ask who made the curtains? I'm looking for something similar. Thanks. 4lucas (111 111 positive feedback) 10:22 am, Thu 9 Mar
Thank you! My wife made them from scratch. Not an easy task ;) 10:28 am, Thu 9 Mar
Seller Comment: Some of the dimensions: 14ft long, Bed is 1870mm long x 1300mm wide, Seat bed is 1870mm long x 600mm wide (plus the single seat next to it), Benchtop is 1500mm long x 515mm wide, Breakfast Bar is 970mm long x 400mm wide (this stores on wall - photo to come), ceiling height is 1960mm (or 6.4ft) floor to ceiling at highest point (only falls to 1900mm before bed so can walk around easily throughout) . 10:27 am, Thu 9 Mar
Electrical wof all done right? chrisnz100 (83 83 positive feedback) 10:50 am, Thu 9 Mar
Does not require electrical wof as only running on 12v battery. 11:06 am, Thu 9 Mar
She's absolutely stunning, well done! I agree in that they are meant to be enjoyed!! We completely refurbished a 1958 ACC and she makes people smile whenever we're on the road along with both ourselves and our kids on our merry way to another camp. Good luck with the auction! :) midi5 (133 133 positive feedback) 12:05 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Thanks for your kind words! There is something special about an old girl being brought back to life..smiles all round :) 1:50 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Wow Jesse you are a legend !! sandhopper4 (84 84 positive feedback) 1:28 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Lol thanks Derek. Was a lot of people involved but I dont think it could have come out looking any better! 1:51 pm, Thu 9 Mar
omg your caravan is so beautiful. I so wish i could afford to buy this. the winner will be so lucky!!!! Rose zookman (359 359 positive feedback) 6:22 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Thanks Rose. We love it too! 6:24 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Hi does this have an awning? And how many does it sleep ie does the table end turn into a bed? sea24 (26 26 positive feedback) 12:49 am, Fri 10 Mar
No awning sorry. Sleeps 3 adults as table does not turn into bed. 7:35 am, Fri 10 Mar
Beautiful!! carrie139 (97 97 positive feedback) 2:43 pm, Fri 10 Mar
Thank you!! 3:21 pm, Fri 10 Mar
Insulated? sunfeather1 (9 9 positive feedback) 3:12 pm, Fri 10 Mar
Shes exactly how she would have been in the 50' no ;) 3:20 pm, Fri 10 Mar
This caravan is amazing! Is the bed a permanent double? Is it possible for us to view please? Thank you! doodahgal (280 280 positive feedback) 7:47 am, Sat 11 Mar
Thank you! Yea bed is permanent. If I was to keep it I would get more cushions as it is a nice place to sit with all the surrounding windows. I am in Auckland for a wedding this weekend but have someone viewing on Monday which you are welcome to view after. Just flick me a text to organise ?? 7:59 am, Sat 11 Mar
Great thank you! doodahgal (280 280 positive feedback) 8:13 am, Sat 11 Mar
No worries 8:17 am, Sat 11 Mar
Hi again does it have facility to make a cuppa? steve08 (477 477 positive feedback) 8:38 am, Sat 11 Mar
Does not come with anything to make a cuppa sorry. We thought we would leave it up to the new owner to purchase the right mugs :) 8:41 am, Sat 11 Mar
Sorry I meant a plug for kettle and water steve08 (477 477 positive feedback) 8:58 am, Sat 11 Mar
Oh sorry no it doesn't. We visioned it being on the road parked at beaches. The lights are led so have very little drain on the 100ah battery. The fridge also has low drain on the battery which could be charge by a small solar panel or very quickly with the battery charger. I would recommend the new owner purchase a small gas cooker they use to cook food and boil water. Alternatively you could also connect an inverter which would cost approx $150. Hope that helps. 9:13 am, Sat 11 Mar
Seller Comment: The tank under the caravan holds 90l of water which is connected to the hand pump. 9:16 am, Sat 11 Mar
What is behind the curtain in the middle of the van, cheers. cheetah24 (125 125 positive feedback) 10:12 am, Sat 11 Mar
Behind the curtain is the battery and charger. Also hangings for clothes etc. There is a metal dust pan and wooden brush which match the caravan hanging in the also. This is included in the sale 12:39 pm, Sat 11 Mar
Hi, does it come with all the accessories in the photos please? Thankyou mrx1969 (121 121 positive feedback) 1:47 pm, Sat 11 Mar
Sure does. 2:06 pm, Sat 11 Mar
Hi. Well done on a superb labor of love. Do you have any idea of its weight? We only have a station wagon and so are quite limited. Thanks heinz1230100 (169 169 positive feedback) 1:18 pm, Sun 12 Mar
We will be taking it for an exact weighing this Saturday. Will post weight then. Thanks! 7:59 pm, Mon 13 Mar
May I ask where you got your kitchen cabinetry from? babypea (498 498 positive feedback) 9:23 am, Mon 13 Mar
The builder that did the inside fitout sourced this so I do not know sorry. Will ask him and post in a comment 12:56 pm, Mon 13 Mar
I haven't checked my Lotto ticket yet but here's hoping,that is a truly wonderful thing well done! coollawson (81 81 positive feedback) 10:33 am, Mon 13 Mar
Thank you! Fingers crossed on your lotto ticket ;) 12:55 pm, Mon 13 Mar
Afternoon, Just seen this gorgeous caravan. I, too am a 1958 vintage! I am in Whangarei so would like to view it if possible please? pcat3 (44 44 positive feedback) 4:14 pm, Mon 13 Mar
Sure thing! Please feel free to call or text me on my mobile. 8:00 pm, Mon 13 Mar
Seller Comment: Seller added 15 photos 8:44 pm, Mon 13 Mar
Beautiful work done on the caravan may i ask will you consider doing another... kiwicully (20 20 positive feedback) 7:59 am, Tue 14 Mar
Thank you! Although it was very hard, probably yes lol but the next one I will be customising for my family. 2:07 pm, Tue 14 Mar
Does this have a caravan plug so can be plugged in at campsite to power / charge battery? justinsa6 (48 48 positive feedback) 11:48 am, Tue 14 Mar
We run a normal extension lead to inside the caravan to the battery charger. As there are no large appliances we did not feel the need to run 240v. 7:43 pm, Tue 14 Mar
Seller Comment: In the updated photos you will see the following: Table connects to wall to allow extra space when not being used. The leg you see in other pictures when the table is up is a floor board designed to fold down when table is not in use. In the picture looking in the van and down the side you will see the top of the door held by a latch. The bottom (part that swings around) has a chrome magnet latch which holds it from swinging back. Also images of the baskets and storage under the bed is shown. 8:36 pm, Tue 14 Mar
Great job, almost too good to take on the road. George Clarke would be proud of you! antonioni (431 431 positive feedback) 10:50 am, Wed 15 Mar
Thank you! I had to google who George Clark was haha 3:00 pm, Wed 15 Mar
Nice job! rossofox (109 109 positive feedback) 2:26 pm, Wed 15 Mar
Thank you! Really appreciate when we get good feedback :) 2:58 pm, Wed 15 Mar
This is so beautiful...... flyinggiraffe (159 159 positive feedback) 8:49 pm, Thu 16 Mar
Thank you! We think so too :) 8:49 pm, Thu 16 Mar
Seller Comment: Seller added 1 photo 7:59 pm, Sat 18 Mar
Seller Comment: Just thought I would throw up a photo from early in the restoration.. 8:00 pm, Sat 18 Mar
FYI other watchers, we checked up the caravan this afternoon and she is as lovely as the photos show. Jesse and his family have made a nice job turning her into a tasteful and practical contemporary caravan, while retaining her retro flavour. Well done, team Jesse. (166 166 positive feedback) 8:26 pm, Sat 18 Mar
Thanks Robyn. Appreciate your kind words and it was lovely to meet you both! Hope the trip home went well :) 9:02 pm, Sat 18 Mar
Seller Comment: Caravan weighed today at 1090kg 2:58 pm, Sun 19 Mar
Hi, just looking at the shot of the ply underneath. ( the floor ) Can you say What protection, sealer this has been finished with ? Cheers. skwiza (851 851 positive feedback) 12:41 am, Tue 21 Mar
It is treated ply so it does not require any sealer. We decided to leave this unpainted underneath to show the chassis work. The top side has been painted and sealed. Thanks 6:19 am, Tue 21 Mar
Jesse, since you've finished the work on the caravan, have you left it outside in rain to check water tightness? Robyn (166 166 positive feedback) 9:40 am, Wed 22 Mar
Sure have Robyn. We placed seals around the door as this was the only area that had issues which is now all fixed. 1:56 pm, Wed 22 Mar
Is this caravan a Pomeroy ( is that how it's spelt) built in in Nz by some English guys. Only a few were ever made. They then went work for Liteweight milton2 (237 237 positive feedback) 3:47 pm, Wed 22 Mar
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