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Find an agent

Written by The Trade Me Property team in Property at 5:30pm, Wed 22 Mar 2017

Thinking about selling your home, but not sure which agent to use? You can now easily find local real estate agents on Trade Me through our new online directory.

Browse agents by name, agency or location to find out their experience, current properties they’re selling, testimonials from previous clients, and contact details if you want to get in touch.

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Research NZ properties for free!

Written by The Trade Me Team in Property at 2:30pm, Wed 12 Oct 2016

We know there can be a heap of unknowns when you’re looking to buy or sell.

Today we’re excited to launch Property Insights – a tool that gives you easy access to property information for over 1.5 million residential properties across New Zealand, all for free.  More...

Property pricing has changed

Written by The Trade Me team in Property at 3:00pm, Tue 11 Oct 2016

As we announced two weeks ago, we’ve made some changes to standard listing fees for private sellers listing property for sale or to rent on Trade Me Property.

To find out what fees have changed, please check out the table in our original announcement, or our updated fees page.

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Property pricing changes on the way

Written by The Trade Me team in General and Property at 9:00am, Tue 27 Sep 2016

On 11 October we’re making some changes to the basic listing fees for private sellers listing property for sale and for rent. These only affect two tiers of pricing as set out in the table below:

In the last year, we’ve built a bunch of new things to improve the site for both sellers and property hunters. This includes providing access to lots of property data for free, and improvements to make it easier to find the property you’re looking for. This has resulted in 15% more visits* from people coming to look at Trade Me Property. We’ll continue to make more improvements to make Trade Me Property even better – keep an eye out. More...

36 new areas showing recent sold prices in our app

Written by The Trade Me Property team in Property at 11:00am, Tue 6 Sep 2016

Today we updated the most recent sold prices for many residential addresses in New Zealand on our Trade Me Property iOS and Android app. This includes adding sold prices for 36 new districts.

How do I see this information?

Make sure you have the latest version of the Trade Me Property app, then tap on the ‘Sold’ tab next to ‘For Sale’ and ‘To Rent’. From here, you can find out the last sold price associated with a particular address in New Zealand. More...

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