Changes to completed listing pages

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Tue 23 Jul 2002

There have been several changes to the completed listing pages for both buyers and sellers.

  • Sellers can now see if they have placed feedback on the top bidder, or person who accepts an offer
  • Buyers can now see if they have placed feedback on the seller
  • Sellers can now remove old auctions from their "completed listing page"
Other changes today:
  • If a seller has a feedback rating of 10 or more (2 stars) they can remove the lead bid on their auction
  • The search engine has been re-written to display less results, with more accuracy
  • The 'my account' page now shows the last 500 transactions, can be browsed by pages, and is ordered with the latest transaction at the top in the same manner as internet banks

Change comments on auctions

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Wed 12 Jun 2002

Several people have been using the comments feature on auctions to abuse the seller, or try to destroy the trade with various comments.

From now on, a question will only be visible on an auction if the seller responds to it. This brings Trade Me into line with other auction sites.
If you discover an auction you think is fraudulant or obscene, the correct thing to do is use the complaint button at the foot of the auction, rather than leave

All items can be removed from your watchlist

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Tue 4 Jun 2002

  • Buyers can now remove all items from their expired watchlist, even if they were the winning bidder.

  • All category lists can now be sorted by title, latest listings, closing time, number of bids and price.
    If there are no bids on an auction, the start price is displayed on these lists rather than 'no bids'.
    Wanted ads are now merged with the lists, and can be easily identified as the title begins with 'Wanted:'
    You can view them all together by sorting the list by title. Feature wanted ads will show in the main category lists.

Auto extend of auctions

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Mon 27 May 2002

Sellers can now choose to have their auctions remain open if people are placing bids in the closing minutes of the auction.
For more details, please read the associated help topic

Several small changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Fri 24 May 2002

  • New pages for editing auctions and classifieds were released, which make it easier to change the listing details if you have made a mistake.

  • Due to continual abuse from some members, the message board has been restricted to authenticated members only.

  • Sellers can now see a weekly summary of their activity. Access the new page summary page from the 'My Trade Me' tab.

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